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MR. TRIXTER, a Los Angeles native, started writing in 1990-91. His passion for art and graffiti were introduced through the cultures of skateboarding and a handed down record collection. Graffiti was an obvious outlet for a kid raised by a single mother that happened to be an artist. The two subcultures went hand in hand, skating and vandalism, both having a rebellious and mischievous nature…

After 30 years in the game, TRIXTER is a West Coast icon in the world of graffiti ; remaining active , versatile and consistent over three decades creating an impressive body of work from street to studio. Working independently in the realms of art, design, fashion, film, music and most recently Web3. A true renaissance man, balancing graffiti, fine art, graphic design and DJing.


Project inquiries contact: DJTRIXTER@GMAIL.COM