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Graffiti in it’s purest essence, spray paint on trains. A love affair any true writer can attest to. Once you know the feeling of satisfaction from leaving a piece of your soul on a piece of steel that travels around the city or country your hooked. There’s truly nothing better. Much respect to all theContinue reading “Freights”

MF DOOM Tribute Melrose Ave.

Painted this MF DOOM tribute on Melrose Ave. and Sierra Bonita in L.A. shortly after hearing the news on Halloween 2020. Being an avid DOOM fan from the days of KMD it was only right to rock something dope for Mr. Dumile. Really tried to channel my inner b-boy and attempt to capture the crispyContinue reading “MF DOOM Tribute Melrose Ave.”

The Art of Graffiti Blackbooks

Graffiti black books were a pivotal part of my journey transitioning from skating to street art. They introduced me to the artistic aspect of graffiti and opened my eyes to the depth of the culture when I was just a young vandal.

Downtown Los Angeles, 2022

Rocked a wall Downtown, Los Angeles a few weeks ago with the crew. Feelin’ the colors on this one, different than the bright burners I’m used to doing. Decided to add the character for the “I” that made the whole thing really come together.