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MF DOOM Tribute Melrose Ave.

Painted this MF DOOM tribute on Melrose Ave. and Sierra Bonita in L.A. shortly after hearing the news on Halloween 2020. Being an avid DOOM fan from the days of KMD it was only right to rock something dope for Mr. Dumile. Really tried to channel my inner b-boy and attempt to capture the crispy comic book vibes relating to the lore behind the masked character. I was drawn to the story behind MF DOOM and the comic books references being some of my early inspiration predating graffiti.

From the main streams perspective, The mask makes the “look” of an artist irrelevant and forces you listen to the music. The whole concept was a much needed breath of innovation in hip-hop IMO. One of the greatest of all time. Not many artists are masters at more than one element of hip-hop. DOOM was one of the few MC’s that also made beats and came from graffiti, he truly embodied the culture. His large body of work under several aliases makes it hard grasp the vastness of DOOM’s discography. To this day I love hearing new tracks I haven’t heard, DOOM is irreplaceable in the heart of hip-hop. đŸ˜¦

On a personal note I had the pleasure to meet DOOM at a bar DTLA in Chinatown some years ago in the Stones Throw era in the late 90’s early 2000’s. He was having a beer at the bar, it was the first time I saw him in public without the mask on. I had met DOOM before at a Halloween party at Peanut Butter Wolf’s crib so I took the opportunity to rap w the rap icon.

He told me about the early days of KMD wit his brother SUBROC, Kausing Much Damage crew! We talked about graff for a cool min, the roots of it all and what led up to his move to LA and reinventing himself as DOOM from Zev Love X. I felt blessed to have such a cool and casual convo with the legendary MC. After that convo I really dug into his catalog solidifying DOOM one of my all time favorite MC /Beatmakers. Record digging, rapping, sick ass beat maker and graffiti artists?? DOOM takes the crown.


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